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New Exciting Day Today!

So… it’s been a phenominal day.  I’ve had the chance to help a few friends out, I’ve gotten some really great news that should change some things drastically in my life… had a great new film idea that we’re going to start working on… all in all… great day. More after the jump.

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That’s right you Warhawk fans! It’s getting a trophy system updated on August 27.  Because it tracks everything online from their servers, they don’t have to worry about the local saved data issue regarding what a person truly has or has not done yet… so all trophies are going to be retro-active and there’s a good list of the trophies posted already on the net! Check it out.

[PS – If you are subscribed to my pal’s at my former associates with their newsfeed, you’ve already gotten this, however, I’m stoked for this update and felt like sharing it as well.]

Busy week for the gaming world already! To sum up, you get the news about the XBox360 getting the Cagney patch for Burnout, Trophies in Uncharted, Warhawk patch info, and Lord of the Rings Online gives some info about their expansion. Let’s start off with the ones that have already happened… (After the break)

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