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Uncharted Review


Uncharted Montage

Having recently played through Uncharted again, I figured this would be a good start to the consistent reviews out of the group. I know it’s not Warhawk or Rock Band as I said originally, but this one has been hot on my mind, and it’s been a blast playing through again to get the Trophies for bragging rights. Hit the jump for the review to begin!

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Brushing off the cobwebs!

Wow, been a while.

Sorry about that delay.  I’ve been pretty hectic getting ready to begin my new job as well as take care of things at my current job.  So with all of that out of the way, I will be typing up a review or two tonight and prep them to post for everyone.  Just replayed through Uncharted last night.  I am only missing two of the trophies.  This is truly one of the few games I do want to get the Platinum trophy for and will be willing to get it! Hopefully there’s a few more good games coming out with Trophies… for the NBA fans, NBA ’09 is coming out with Trophy support, that oughta keep those fans busy for quite some time.

Anywho, promise I’m still around, still want to get into the blogging scene, just dealing with a lot of work stress unfortunately.  I’ll be around though! Take care and talk to everyone soon.

Busy week for the gaming world already! To sum up, you get the news about the XBox360 getting the Cagney patch for Burnout, Trophies in Uncharted, Warhawk patch info, and Lord of the Rings Online gives some info about their expansion. Let’s start off with the ones that have already happened… (After the break)

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