So… it’s been a phenominal day.  I’ve had the chance to help a few friends out, I’ve gotten some really great news that should change some things drastically in my life… had a great new film idea that we’re going to start working on… all in all… great day. More after the jump.

Some things that also made this day great?

Warhammer Online finally gets a release date! Another MMO to chalk up to this month.  Not sure how this one will fair with it’s recent cuts to the final product… but we’ll see how it launches sometime this September.

My previously mentioned Warhawk trophy additions coming on August 27th. Been reading over the different medals, they sound like a riot. They cover the biggest mistakes to the biggest successes. Looking forward to earning some of those trophies! Not to mention the new Jet Packs they’re going to patch in with 1.5!

PSN will be launching the 3rd installment of the Qore! DC Universe Online – REALLY excited to get the skinny on that game! Should be fun! Lego Batman & Baja are also going to be focused on this episode, as well as NBA ’09 for the fans, but DC Universe Online is really winning my attention.

Little Big Planet Pre-Order details! Needless to say, I’m going to make sure I have mine reserved tomorrow, most likely! What a way to reward the eager, haha.  At least the game is rumored to be coming out mid-October.

Lastly! After watching some gameplay of Pixel Junk: Eden… I’m going to snag it, it looks fun and I’ll make sure to do a review on it.

So there you have it! Busy day! Hope everyone has a good one and keep clicking on over, I’ll keep news coming as I get it myself! Take care.