So you guessed it… I’m a bit of a gamer. I’ve been playing games for a very long time and it’s always been a blast. From the frustrations of games such as Ninja Gaiden with their No Save style gaming, to Mega Man, to Bionic Commando, to Sonic, to Super Mario RPG, to Final Fantasy, to Battle Arena Toshinden, to Dead or Alive… okay, sorry, got a little carried away and nostalgic there.  The point is, I looove all sorts of video games. I like the different consoles and their unique touches on all of the games that cross their systems. Nowadays everything is pretty uniform, but one of my most memorable differences between Nintendo & Sega was their differences between games like Aladdin. Sega Aladdin you had a FREAKIN SWORD to fend for yourself! Not only that detail, but Sega also had the Disney animators working with the game developer to create a very fluid world. Whereas Nintendo had the license and designed the game more like the TV Show, no sword, and a couple of “creative freedom” levels that weren’t in the movie. So… completely different gameplay mechanics that made one of my favorite movies a true fork in the road for the gaming industry.  If only we had a clue that would only be the start…

Ah well. Here we are now, with the wonderful combatitive world of PS3 VS 360 & Nintendo Wii sitting in the background cashing in on their niche appeal. Exclusive titles being bickered and celebrated… E3 going from a fantastic spectacle to a bunch of executives flaunting numbers and gracing their numbers speeches with the occasional gaming news or tidbit of their next projects… it grew boring and it aged quicker than it should’ve. So what do I play? I’m pretty well balanced on what I play, I like a bit of this, and a bit of that, so I’ll list all my handles down here so that you can join me if you’d like. Here we go:

Playstation 3 ID(s)

(Mainly playing on this one lately.)

(The “Represent” account for Solar Shock)

XBox 360/LIVE ID

Gamertag: Spot
(Rarely on these days – Waiting for a game that makes me need to buy it on my 5th 360. Not had the best experiences with the 360.

MMO Info

Lord of the Rings: Online

I’ve got several characters on the LOTRO world. I haven’t quite decided which class shines for me so I dabble in them all.

Server: Landroval

Spoyil – Lore Master
Spoya – Burgler
Spotroc – Ministrel
Spoyra – Captain
Spotric – Hunter

I just recently moved to the server, so none of them are over level 10 yet. (I’ll update this accordingly as they progress) 

Age of Conan

No More! See ya Age of Conan!

Warhammer Online

I just recently moved servers, I cannot remember the name of the new one off the top of my head, once I return home tonight I’ll update accordingly.  Currently playing on the Chaos side as a Shaman.  Have a couple of other random characters, but the Shaman is the one that’s catching my eye, I might try the new tank class for the Dark Elves that they just updated with, but as for now. Healer class FTW.

There ya have it.

Pretty much that’s my gaming routine.  I’ll keep this up to date as times change and what not.  Thanks for checking it out.