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Recap of the Vacation!

Wow, been a while since I’ve blogged and I’ve got TONS to blog about. So to learn about my Xmas in Cali in this post… Hit the jump.

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Twas the day before Xmas Eve

And all through the house… gaming was live and active like it was going out of style! Holy crap folks… anyone who plays games is in a heavenly state of mind at this point.  Allow me to explain:

We’ll pick on the Wii first… YES! I’m actually entertained by a Wii game at this point in my life. It is probably the only Wii title I’ll get for the next long while, but I’m happy that I got it.  To preface this… the greatest way to enjoy this title is to fire up an XBox 360 Party or join a chat room in PS3 while playing this title… it’s Animal Crossing: City Folk.  Still with me? Good, hit the jump for more details.

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