Soul Calibur IV (SCIV) – Rated T

This will be updated a bit more as I play further into it, but I can at least spout off some first impressions at this point! I was able to log a couple hours into the game and sampled around with bit here and a bit there.  So let’s begin!

So Far…

Here we are with another edition of the Soul Calibur series. This series is now entering it’s twelfth year (12 years!) of existence.  Of the Soul Calibur series… my favorite has been SC II, and my LEAST favorite was SC III.  They ruined it in SC III for me. The gameplay felt off and I couldn’t place my finger on it.  So, being jaded, I snagged SC IV mainly for the character creation when I heard about it, and it looked promising. I’m rather glad I snagged it.  I do have one complaint… as “commercial” as it is to include the Star Wars Galaxies and the Japanese comic book industry into the game… it was just really unnecessary.  We’ll get into that in just a bit.  All in all, I’ve unlocked most of the characters (all but 3) and made a couple of characters varying in style… so here we go (After the break):

[Update: OH! On PS3, do the install! Takes about 5 – 8 minutes, but it performs even smoother.]

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