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…. Sigh. I Hate Utah Politics.

Warning: One of the few “political” posts I’ll make. 

Fail Utah (Gaming)For those that don’t know, I’m a Utah resident. Recently, there was a bill that passed in Utah that makes me a little angry because it involves a little work from a disbarred jackhole lawyer from Florida. To avoid giving him any more infamy other than the link, we shall refer to him as ass-hat. 

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What? CES was a week ago? Feels like a month ago. Go figure. Never the less, I went to work and helped create a best of CES video. Poor Jessica had to tolerate me coughing and hacking off screen and then stand next to me while I’m sick. Hopefully I don’t get her ill.

But wait! There’s more to this blog than just a CES video post today…

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