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For all the people thinking “Daaaa Bears!” I give you kudos for the reference, but not quite what it’s going for.  DBox is a fully immersive chair that if I had the money, I think I’d own a set or a full theater of these guys. Check out this clip for more info:

So… with my Blu-Ray movies currently I’d say that “300” would have a whole new meaning if I felt every freakin arrow hitting the chair as they stand their ground. Grand Theft Auto 4 would also be a very different twist if I felt the crash of every car as well… I don’t know. Might be the next step into the gaming world that has been needed. The only down side is that it is currently PC only for the gaming aspect. Here’s to hoping for a branch out and when that day comes, I might be first in line to pick up one of these bad boys.

Til next time – Keep geekin out.


Check it out… so for anyone who has a digital music player and has been looking for the perfect headphones, I dare say this might be the ones. Not only do they have several different styles of headphones, but you basically can buy the part that you want to enhance that part of the sound. Confusing at first? Yes, check this clip interviewing Sleek Audio and see what I mean.

Interesting huh?

These videos I’m pulling from my worksource, and you can view the whole channel of videos here. However, I will still update the blog with the highlights from this venture.  I’m home ill today from work, so I’ll be blogging a bit more than usual. (iTouch talk after the jump)

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Hey folks! I’m back for more.  Actually, this time we have to thank one of the writers at my job. He was able to sneak past security and get a bit more of a hands on look of the Treo Pre. The only downside was he couldn’t flag us down in time to help out with the recording but using his Flip Mino, it worked out pretty good.  While the woman’s voice stands out, try to listen to what the gentleman is showing as it’s his phone we’re looking at.

From what we could sneak out of the footage, this looks like it could be another device to step up to the expectations the iPhone has created. I’ve had some experience with the Android G1 from TMobile, and I’m thoroughly impressed. If I had service with TMobile, that would be my phone of choice right now. Either way, very cool looking material coming forward from CES. Here’s to more fun!

Also – Added a link to Bastaroids.com. Good friends of mine and they just added a link to my blog. Thanks guys!

Cuil? What the hell is that?!  That’s about what I thought when it was introduced to me earlier today, and after doing some interesting research… it looks like Google might have some competition for a search engine.  It’s still in the very early stages, but from what I understand, it’s basing it’s search engines off the context of the website, rather than inbound links.  I’m intrigued to see what happens with it, I’ll add it to my list of upcoming websites.

[Update: Whatever you do… do not mistype that name in as “culi…”  You will get an Italian “adult site.”  If that’s up your alley, then hey, two birds with one stone, but otherwise, be mindful of your spelling… that is all.]