For all the people thinking “Daaaa Bears!” I give you kudos for the reference, but not quite what it’s going for.  DBox is a fully immersive chair that if I had the money, I think I’d own a set or a full theater of these guys. Check out this clip for more info:

So… with my Blu-Ray movies currently I’d say that “300” would have a whole new meaning if I felt every freakin arrow hitting the chair as they stand their ground. Grand Theft Auto 4 would also be a very different twist if I felt the crash of every car as well… I don’t know. Might be the next step into the gaming world that has been needed. The only down side is that it is currently PC only for the gaming aspect. Here’s to hoping for a branch out and when that day comes, I might be first in line to pick up one of these bad boys.

Til next time – Keep geekin out.