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The Agenda! For Now…

Word up friends. Sorry for the massive delay, been incredibly busy! 

So tonight, I’m going to be playing Resident Evil 5 online with Josh. I will most likely FINALLY finish the Spot In The Game Part 2.  Took me long enough, but directing & acting in a play and having to be to the theater 4 days a week on top of my day job… it was wearing me down. I’m feeling much better these days, but last night was one of my cast members last performances. It was sad to see her go, but she’s running away on a European vacation, so she’ll be just fine.

So, have faith! I haven’t neglected the web ‘verse too much! I’ll be back in full force before too long.  Until then, enjoy and have fun.

large_20080310-streetfighteriv-dhalsim Aaah, the awesomeness of games. Especially this year. It seems that the last few years have been… bleak at best with titles that really picked up the crowd and put them back into the mood to play a game solidly for hours on end.

With my previous post and Killzone 2 goodiness, I neglected to mention the other game that has completely made me feel like the old days of the arcade cabinet, a roll of quarters in the pocket, and a desire to master one of the combatants in one of the ultimate fighting games. Street Fighter IV

Hit the jump for a bit more of a breakdown on my experiences with this title!

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I’m sorry that the new video isn’t done, it’s still just sitting and mocking me in my editing program. However, with the current play that I’m directing, this is officially Hell Week.  For those who don’t do theater or don’t have a clue what Hell Week is, I’m sure that you can guess. Basically, we open Friday. I have two casts of the show and I’m doing my best to ensure that both are ready to open and knock this play out of the park. To do so, this week is the first rehearsal with lights, costumes, props, and no assistance at all with scripting. Hence… Hell Week.

Killzone 2 Yet… I’ve found the time to play some games and take the time to unwind as it has been a fairly stressful few weeks. I decided, after struggling to find a convincingly negative review on the title, to pick up my copy of Killzone 2 at launch. Wow. 

I don’t usually take a large shine on FPS. Reason One: I’m colorblind. Not sure if many people take this into effect, but, take Halo for example, if you’re Red/Green colorblind, and you’re on the Blue Team… your enemies don’t need active camo in order to blend seamlessly into the lush green fields. Point Two: I really thought that all of the Halo series is over-hyped, and really there’s nothing new it brought to the table for me. I just didn’t find it to be fun, especially with the community that plays Halo because it’s all about competitive gameplay rather than just fun. It created a bunch of gamers who are more eager to sling verbal lashings than actually having fun playing a game. 

Before I get flamed by every XBox or Halo Fanboy in the ‘Net, Killzone 2 didn’t bring anything new to the table either. The story is exceedingly casual, but I digged the ending. I won’t give it away, but I liked the ending to this game. It wasn’t expected. The story evolves in very unique manner which I was surprised to see in the title. More importantly, I thoroughly enjoyed the online play. I like the fact that it rewards the players who play consistently enough to branch out in to the special classes, much like that of Call of Duty 4. It was just fun though. They worked out a system where you can seamlessly bounce between the different game types without loading the maps over and over just to change the game style. So you can bounce from Body Count to Assassination. If you’re lucky enough, maybe you’ve been following the Assassination Target trying to get a melee kill, and now he’s the end goal for that match.  It was just fun. The ranking system definitely can take a while to progress, so for anyone just starting out and eager to try out some of the new classes, find a game where they’re doing all 5 gametypes and it keeps a running tally of the points you earn. 

When the dust settles… the story mode was rather short. Casually took me two days to complete (about 5 – 6 hours) with only a few “hot spots” that were increasingly frustrating. I wish the cover system would’ve made it into the Multiplayer but it does keep you creatively thinking while going head to head against a live player. If you own a PS3, this is an absolute must buy for the FPS fan. Again, it doesn’t bring anything new to the table, but the graphics are gorgeous, the multiplayer is addictingly fun, and the slight RPG element keeps the game interesting as you keep signing up for more games to progress to the next level to unlock more options. Even managed to snag the Clan name “The Brown Coats.” (TBCS) 

Until then, have a wicked awesome day.

Precursor to the Video Update #2

Hey, hey.

So here we go, a lot to catch up on so I’ll be brief. 

I had to put down my 18 year old cat this weekend. It was a little bit of a rough one, but the poor cat was so old that it was beyond time. The vet said that he was battling cancer, and from how skinny he was, his organs were starting to shut down. Haha, he roughly translated to the equivalency of a 95 year old human, it was time. RIP Tigger the cat. (I’m not able to access any photos of him currently, hopefully I’ll be able to find one to update this post) Hit the jump for more info & updates regarding a new kitty cat, a car, a new game experience, and a preview of an upcoming video SITG… enjoy.

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So… after much debate, I figured I would give this video blogging thing a shot using the Resident Evil 5 story. So… let me know if you dig this, if there needs to be more, constructive feedback accepted.

Enjoy – Warning it is long but it’s TV Friendly.