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…. Sigh. I Hate Utah Politics.

Warning: One of the few “political” posts I’ll make. 

Fail Utah (Gaming)For those that don’t know, I’m a Utah resident. Recently, there was a bill that passed in Utah that makes me a little angry because it involves a little work from a disbarred jackhole lawyer from Florida. To avoid giving him any more infamy other than the link, we shall refer to him as ass-hat. 

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So… here we go, I’m going to probably get a bit more flak for this post than most of my other ones, but meh. It’s what’s hot and what not.

I hate politics. I can’t really make that any more clearer. Politics brings out nothing but the worst in people. People get more tense, snippy, angry, violent, and unapproachable with politics involved. While not entirely a bad thing, cause it does mean that someone strongly feels about one thing or another. That’s good, but that crosses that level of passion and becomes an issue for me. When I get attacked because I don’t have a strong opinion about my new president and his reign to come… I have an issue with that. (More after the jump)

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