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So… it was kind of an interesting day.  I’m working out at a new theater called Village Green and working on the production of She Loves Me as Mr. Maraczek. Unique show, it’s pretty much “You’ve Got Mail” only… musical… and 1940’s. 

Anyway.  So, that’s pretty much been the most of my time lately.  Working on several scripts to film this next coming year with my production company since the winter season is a grinding halt for production. Been playing games and figured I’d take a quick moment to review Fallout 3 since I am way behind on the review. Click on the jump to read about Fallout 3 and my opinions regarding this title.

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Gaming! An Update.

Holy crap… October is always a pain for gamers… why? Because of the massive amount of heavy titles that get launched.  The titles usually roll into November as well, but let’s have a look at at the current gaming news and all the things I’m looking forward to.

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