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Holy !#@$! It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update. So, here we go. It’s going to be a bit longer of a post as I have a bit to cover, a lot to explain, and some excellent news if it hasn’t been announced yet. So here’s what to expect with this post: News recap of the last… wow 8 months… Gaming Updates… a promise of game reviews… and lastly… the big news. Hit the jump if you’re remotely interested. Continue reading


Okay… I am probably doing something wrong that I’m over looking, or else I’m just not used to my new Vegas Studio Pro 8.0 software.  I have a line of sequences where there’s a black screen to work as the background/green screen.  It previews correctly but exports completely blank.  So, I’m having to go and re-edit those sequences and they’re more numerous than I thought.  Ah well. Update will be delayed until about Tuesday night/Wednesday night. Sorry guys, was hoping that the video section would be easier than this, but it’s a learning curve for me with the new software.

Unrelated news: Just finished watching the Oscar’s and I’ve got to say… that is a very inspiring thing to watch for a filmmaker.  Not necessarily because of wanting to win one, but the impact a film can have on a person really drives a desire to be better at the film projects I’m involved with and I am hoping to escalate my performance to the next level. Look for more upcoming productions where I will be challenging myself in more interesting manners.

Appreciate the continued support and patience with the film segments. Later.

(PS While this clip lasts, if you haven’t seen the interview with Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman, check out this clip while it’s up with this quirky interview, and then a similar interview with Andy Kaufman. I find them fairly similar in performance, it makes me wonder if this isn’t just an elaborate gag as he seems to lose it at the end of the interview.)

Interview with Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman:

Interview with Andy Kaufman & David Letterman (1980):

Precursor to the Video Update #2

Hey, hey.

So here we go, a lot to catch up on so I’ll be brief. 

I had to put down my 18 year old cat this weekend. It was a little bit of a rough one, but the poor cat was so old that it was beyond time. The vet said that he was battling cancer, and from how skinny he was, his organs were starting to shut down. Haha, he roughly translated to the equivalency of a 95 year old human, it was time. RIP Tigger the cat. (I’m not able to access any photos of him currently, hopefully I’ll be able to find one to update this post) Hit the jump for more info & updates regarding a new kitty cat, a car, a new game experience, and a preview of an upcoming video SITG… enjoy.

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Warhawk Quick Update!

That’s right you Warhawk fans! It’s getting a trophy system updated on August 27.  Because it tracks everything online from their servers, they don’t have to worry about the local saved data issue regarding what a person truly has or has not done yet… so all trophies are going to be retro-active and there’s a good list of the trophies posted already on the net! Check it out.

[PS – If you are subscribed to my pal’s at my former associates with their newsfeed, you’ve already gotten this, however, I’m stoked for this update and felt like sharing it as well.]