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Holy !#@$! It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update. So, here we go. It’s going to be a bit longer of a post as I have a bit to cover, a lot to explain, and some excellent news if it hasn’t been announced yet. So here’s what to expect with this post: News recap of the last… wow 8 months… Gaming Updates… a promise of game reviews… and lastly… the big news. Hit the jump if you’re remotely interested. Continue reading


Welcome to the blog.

Inspired by the recent amount of blogs out there, good friends with their personal blogs, andĀ some friendsĀ firing up their own newsfeed… I’ve decided it’s time to kick off my blog finally. I attempted on my www.solarshockpictures.com/spotsblog and that failed pretty quick. So… with that in mind, we’re going to move forward and create an official blog and look to moving it to it’s own domain soon! Until then, enjoy.

Hopefully there will soon be a TON more information here, and just randomness of the shenanigans that follow.