Busy week for the gaming world already! To sum up, you get the news about the XBox360 getting the Cagney patch for Burnout, Trophies in Uncharted, Warhawk patch info, and Lord of the Rings Online gives some info about their expansion. Let’s start off with the ones that have already happened… (After the break)

Burnout for XBox 360 News

Remember hearing words about this whole Cagney Update… now I’ll be nice and not rub it into the faces of the 360 fanboys out there regarding the delayed release of this update… but here it is!  You probably have it already, but if not, it was made available as of yesterday! (8/4/08) It does add quite a bit more depth and the new online challenge are an absolute blast. Really glad to see this kind of a free game update to a console game.  I’ve already praised the LOTRO game for their more than generous free updates to the program… but we’ll get into that news in a bit.  So 360 Regulators… Mount up and get that update if you haven’t already. I reviewed this game and gave it a Buy It (out of a Buy It, Rent It, Dodge It rating system), regardless of what system you play it on. Great game.

Uncharted – Trophies, baby!

Okay… I’m a huge Indiana Jones fan, for those that don’t know me, and this game felt like the atmosphere of an Indiana Jones style adventure.  I played the hell out of this game.  Naughty Dog announced that they would support the Trophy system in Uncharted… that hit yesterday as well! (8/4/08) The downside? You have to start all over to get the trophies… the reason behind this is good enough for me.  Basically, they wanted to make sure that everyone actually EARNED the trophies, rather than just being able to go online, grabbing a saved game download, installing it, then instantly be rewarded.  So you have to play through the game again… damn. Heaven forbid I get to go treasure hunting, eluding pirates, and snagging all the hidden treasures again… guess it’s my lucky day. Great game, pick it up if you haven’t already, I gave this game a Buy It in a video game review for those keeping track.

Warhawk Getting Patched!

Breaking news from a newsfeed – a reliable source just informed what goodies to expect from an upcoming patch scheduled on August 27.

Lord of the Rings Online – News Update

Again, props to a friend’s newsfeed for the news posting, if you haven’t heard already, there is an expansion pack due out for LOTRO.  This is actually the first expansion pack they will have put out.  Considering they’ve patched in housing, hobbies, animation updates, graphical updates, and a number of significant things free of charge for the subscribers, I’m curious to see what all will be included with the expansion.  I have found a list online which reads as the following:

  • Master your destiny by wielding legendary items of your own design.
  • Play the new Rune-keeper and Warden classes.
  • Advance to level 60 and gain access to new skills and powers.
  • Trait sets allow further customization of your character.
  • Explore new depths of adventure as you explore 10 expansive areas of the fallen Dwarf kingdom of Moria.
  • New graphics technology brings this underground world to life like never before, with stunning vistas and towering columns of stone crafted by the Dwarves of Khazad-dûm.
  • Continue the epic story you began in Shadows of Angmar™ as you aid the Fellowship in their darkest hours.
  • Witness the release of the Balrog known as Durin’s Bane in session play!
  • Battle more than 200 new monsters, explore an array of small- and full-group instances, or delve deeper into the darkness and battle the Watcher in an epic raid!
  • Take crafting to the next level with crafting guilds and create true masterworks.
  • Serve Sauron with LOTRO’s revolutionary monster play feature, now with Artifact Control and a live online leader board to showcase your achievements.
Origin of the list can be found at Turbine’s site dedicated for the LOTRO Expansion.

Quite the list! Looking forward the item customization as with the new classes.  Always love the introduction of new classes to a game.  Great news for gamers on all platforms! Happy gaming and remember to check out my gaming page to track me down with my online activities. Take care and have a great day.