So, it’s been a looong time since I’ve blogged. A lot has happened. I’m now married, which I never expected to happen, and I will also be adopting her little boy when that time comes. It’s a world that I’ve never known to be a husband and a father, but I was given that opportunity the moment I said I do and created an insta-family. Enjoying every bit of that but never expected how much time it takes to play those roles, but I now have a better understanding and thanks to some recent changes, I will now be able to update this blog, create more Spot in the Game episodes, and generate more detailed content on the site.

I’m looking to start a new job here soon. Another unexpected change but it will open up some new opportunities as it will be a local business with a good friend. So, with that in mind, I’m going to be changing this new theme a bit and updating the header with some images that should prove to be a bit more interesting. Going to try to add some hot buttons for my Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts for reference. Going to be a lot of successful changes in my life and with Solar Shock Pictures still going strong with the upcoming production of American Rejects, it’s looking to be an excellent year.

Well, back to work. Here’s to a new start!