Resident Evil 5 - Chainsaw Well folks! Here it is. I finally found some time to write up a review regarding this game. So, with that in mind, I won’t ruin any of the review in this header, if you’re interested to see how I felt about this new Capcom title, hit the jump, read, enjoy, and share it with someone close. At least close meaning an email buddy, maybe.

 Enter the continuing character of Chris Redfield with his new partner, Sheva. Immediately, I was thrilled to see that the AI is initially smart regarding their ability to shoot. I wish they’d aim for the head automatically, rather than the chest, but ah well. It’s better than a kick in the face. The story was able to capture my attention immediately. The creepy factor shoots through the roof a few moments after you gain control of Chris and the atmosphere was created very well on the track to meet your contact.

Controls felt familiar as they were very identical to Resident Evil 4. I didn’t find anything different other than the inventory has been changed from an attache case to 9 items only. SIDE NOTE: You can quickly equip items not in the designated D-Pad shortcut by hovering over the item in the inventory and pressing your Left Button/Bumper. Moving on.

Now the AI gets a little frustrating. There are points where you have to separate via an assisted jump to higher ground or over a large gap. The AI doesn’t loot!! The confounded creature just sits there and kills zombies but will not assist in getting that lovely treasure sitting on top of the building! There are also times where the AI will perform an act of less than human stupidity. For example: You have a creature with a one hit kill… rather than go around the creature, the AI runs right in front of it, thus, ending with a “Your Partner Has Died” screen. The YPHD screen… is the most frustrating screen to get because it’s beyond your control. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Enter Multiplayer. This completely SAVES the game for me here. There are key moments in the game where the AI hinders more than assists. With another human logging in, with privacy settings to ensure that you can only have friends you invite or leave it open to the gaming world, it creates a level of harmony that works out splendidly. Tasks are far more efficient, bosses are handled in a much more well mannered degree, and you don’t, usually, have someone who drains 400 rounds of ammo into a bullet proof portion of an enemy. This option enhances the gameplay to the point where I will say if you have a friend who currently has this game, buy it now. Period. Whatever your system of choice is, I chose the PS3, buy it now.

Now for the extras. You’re rewarded quite extensively for your hard work. From costumes for the character models, a significant weapon upgrade system, and an additional gameplay mode to unlock, it makes the trek worth it to go through the game. After you unlock Mercenaries mode… you have EVEN MORE to unlock.  You’ll want to upgrade all your weapons because you are rewarded with a rare weapon after you upgrade the weapon category to the max. There’s even exclusive weapons for Chris & Sheva to assist with gameplay. Considering it was fairly challenging on Normal, it’s a nice tip of the hat venturing forward. Lots and lots to unlock. Collectible figurines that you can exchange points for, hidden emblems that give you a drastic amount of points, Mercenaries mode giving you points to cash in on the goodies you get, unlimited ammo modes for the weapons that are fully upgraded, there’s a lot of content that went into this game and it will take some time to fully appreciate it all.

Side Note #2: For those who have experienced the lack of money and looking for a method to get the cash, consider the following; Chapter 4-1 (Caves) contains a number of jewels, both large and small, and two sarcophagus containing nothing but the money. Starting at the beginning of the chapter, up to the point just before you see some bizarre rolling boulders of firey doom, there is roughly $25,000 to be had and it takes about 10 – 15 minutes to complete. Once you get to the boulders portion, Quit out, save your status & inventory, wash, rinse, repeat at the START of 4-1 (Not continuing) until you accumulate the money needed. I’m sure there’s other methods, but this one worked the best.

Thanks for reading the review, I hope it was helpful. I apologize I haven’t included any links into this review, but I’ve been lazy. 🙂 

This review is based off a completed campaign mode on Normal. Co-Op play was performed throughout the entire venture. Mercenaries mode for both Chris & Sheva completed, most of the weapons fully upgraded and acquired Chris & Sheva’s exlusive weapons. The game doesn’t count a Normal gameplay as a completed Amatuer level success. Working on completing Amatuer & Professional difficulties.