Sorry folks, been a lot going on, so I finally figured I’d check back in and post what’s going on.  Currently I still have the play of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare which is going on until the end of March. Hit the jump for more details and also the mention of

wordleThis is a Wordle. Basically you can plug in any website (or in my case, blog) and it will research and generate words based off of what you’ve written in the past. 

Alternatively, you can type in a bunch of words that you want to be in the word cloud specifically. I got a kick out of some of the things that turned up in the work though, it was very colorful. I didn’t find an exact way to export the work as once you create it, they host it on their site, but it is still fun never the less.

On to the discussion of the play! So… Been doing this little play thing, and have attempted to pull in large amounts of audience.  It hasn’t quite happened yet. It’s a very successful play in terms of casts though. Both casts bring a very unique presentation of the same script to the stage. So! Listen up troops. Those in the Northern Utah area who have said that you’re going to come to the show but haven’t… it’s now or never folks! I’ll present the schedule below including the casts.

March 19th (Thurs) – Yuric’s Avengers (Mandie, Buttars, and Myself) 7:30
March 20th (Fri) – Thumb Biters (Dennis, Sean, Mandie*) 7:30 – *Mandie’s standing in for Sheri
March 21st (Sat) – Yuric’s Avengers 7:30 
March 23rd (Mon) – Yuric’s Avengers 7:30
March 26th (Thur) – Thumb Biters 7:30
March 27th (Fri) – Yuric’s Avengers* 7:30 – Sheri is standing in for Mandie
March 28th (Sat) – Thumb Biters 7:30
March 30th (Mon) – Extra showing, Cast undetermined

So there you have it! The current line up! Tickets are $8. Come one, come all! Enjoy.