Resident Evil 5 - Chainsaw Ah… a most fitting thumbnail to tell the tale of the Resident Evil 5 demo experience.  For those who don’t know… Resident Evil 5 is a iconic series for Capcom where they finally got really bold with the project with their last edition of the property. Avoiding much jibber-jabber, they basically took the arcaic controls and converted them into a much more involving system that, for me, saved the series from hitting the trash bin much like the Silent Hill series did to me.

So, to see this edition of Spot In The Game (SITG) featuring my pal TJ, hit the jump and let’s roll. (Remember! Naughty Naughty Naughty language ensues, especially near the end!)

Setting: Co-Op Online Play – Resident Evil 5 Demo

Demo Level: Shanty Town (? I think that’s the name, I’ll check when I get home)

Players: Spot & TJ

*We hit the scene with pistols drawn and ready to shoot any form of zombie infested bastards we can find. I’m packing a sniper rifle while TJ’s happily touting the machine gun.  We split up at the first house. TJ rushes through the gate and I sweep along the side to see if I can climb through a window.

*As I find the window, it’s immediately busted out by a villager eager to devour my innerds… which I hope doesn’t happen, however, I did eat chili prior to the adventure so I would have the last laugh regardless. I make easy work of him, and as his head explodes, there’s hideous tentacles that wave about… until he drops.

*TJ says he’s ready to kick down the door and start shooting, I let him know there’s two in there. I leap through the window and tackle one as TJ bursts through the door and mows down the other. Haha, team work rocks. Nothing out of the ordinary here… just a chainsaw laying half way into a corpse of some humanoid… chipper setting really.

*We venture outside and grab whatever ammo we can find. As we approach a new building, we see our chopper… being taken down by little winged bastards. Oh shit! Wasn’t paying attention and now we’ve got two coming our way!

*A little evasive maneuvering avoids us from getting grabbed by these things as we load them with bullets until they drop and dissipate in a acidic bubbling goo form. Peachy… zombie offspring with wings.  Ah well, we get to the building but the ladder’s busted at the half-way point. I give TJ a boost up top.

*TJ calls out, “Now they’re pissed. They’re flooding out the door ahead.” Figures. I rush to the side of the building to be met by a infected guy tossing molotov cocktails at TJ. I shoot the molotov out of his hand, igniting him.  I chuckle to myself, feeling proud with the shot.  Then where his head was, another flying insectoid… thing comes out his freakin head!

*”Airborne zombie!” I cry as I attempt to shoot it down before it gets to TJ’s post. I get 3 good hits on it, but now I gotta deal with Mr. Axe Carrying Asshole and his little lush friend carrying a broken bottle. I’m assuming TJ’s alright cause I just hear laughter and gunfire among the groans of the zombies.

*We lay waste to all the remaining zombies and meet up. We exchange ammo that we’ve collected from the encounters. We clear the next building with ease. We get to the roof where I assist TJ in clearing a gap to the next building. As he starts exploring it, more infected people start rushing towards his building.  I get down a level and start giving sniper support.

*Easy enough! No harm other than a couple of fire-arrow shooting jack-offs that tried to return fire. TJ gets to the building I’m trapped in and smashes a lock free.  We secure the area and checking for any and all ammo we can find.  We approach a gate at the far end of the field, looks like we’ve got this area under control.

*The gates locked tight… then we see him.  This burlap hood hearing bastard revs up a chainsaw and hacks the lock through. Now he’s coming at us. I fucking hate chainsaws. We spin on our heels to get distance from him!

*We get a ways away and turn just in time as he’s nearing a barrel full of explosives. TJ aims and fires, knocking the chainsaw guy straight to the ground! Giving us enough time to collect our thoughts and fight off the little minions that are flocking to the sound of the saw!

*We lure him past another barrel and rush through the building. Chainsaw Man is still coming at us after taking several rounds and a couple of exploding barrels! We split up to confuse him! The only down side was we ended up confusing ourselves!

*”Where the fuck is he??” TJ shouts as we can hear the chainsaw but not find him! I spin just in time to side step a head losing swing! TJ’s loading him up with machine gun fire! We get him in a cross fire and between the rounds to his chest, and four sniper rounds to the head… he finally drops. We finish off the surviving zombies with much greater ease.

*We take a key off his corpse, find a chest full of gold and jewels… and now we wait to slam open the doors to the next area.


Haha, great game. Very glad to see the co-op work as well as it reads. Enjoy.

PS I have another round of this game for the other demo level which I will be writing up including my friend Josh. ‘Til then.