And all through the house… gaming was live and active like it was going out of style! Holy crap folks… anyone who plays games is in a heavenly state of mind at this point.  Allow me to explain:

We’ll pick on the Wii first… YES! I’m actually entertained by a Wii game at this point in my life. It is probably the only Wii title I’ll get for the next long while, but I’m happy that I got it.  To preface this… the greatest way to enjoy this title is to fire up an XBox 360 Party or join a chat room in PS3 while playing this title… it’s Animal Crossing: City Folk.  Still with me? Good, hit the jump for more details.

City Folk Now… I know what you’re thinking… stop it. Stop it right now.  NO! Animal Crossing isn’t a kid game.  It’s basically a console version of The Sims.  The only difference is that you don’t have as much control in the designing aspect, however, there are plenty of activities to do everytime you log into this game.  I’ve been a fan of this series for a while now, mainly thanks to my pals Justin & Josh.  It’s just simple, and fun.  What did add to it was the fact that we used our 360, in this case, to connect into a Party, and chatted via XBox 360 with random people dropping in and just chilling while we fished.  It sounds simple, stupid, and simplistic… but it’s rather entertaining, and more so if you have someone who is also playing the game at this time.  It’s pretty much a life sim, it’s difficult to describe. With a clever placement of a musuem, certain collectibles only available during certain months and dates, it keeps people going back for more, and I approve! Only complaint I had was the sneezing that followed as my Wii kicked out dust from it’s 4 months idleness.

Left 4 DeadNow the next item up for bid… Looking at the Xbox 360 which I love to pick on considering I’m on my sixth systemLeft 4 Dead.

I’m not going to lie… I was originally pressured into this purchase. With the upcoming holidays, I received an early gift from family which covered my remaining two reserves that I haven’t picked up. This was one of those games.  The other was Gears of War 2, but I’ll get to that eventually.  We’ll review that when the time comes. 

I only attempted multiplayer because my pals were online and raring to go kick some Zombie trash.  After about 10 minutes of learning the rundown from my crew, I was hooked.  It is a blast.  With the different type of Zombies, the zombie hoard being smarter than your average zombie, and the movie like feel to the experience, it was an absolute riot. That was just cooperative, so next they pulled me into a Versus Match.  Let me give the run down… 8 players. 4 are the survivors while the others are the special zombie types which are hunters, smokers, boomers, and tanks. The zombies can respawn as much as possible.  Who can survive? Then after the checkpoint, the teams swap. Survivors are now Zombies and vise versa.  Gotta admit, it felt great to be one of four hunter zombies, and each one of us were able to successfully pounce the survivors, ending the mission within one minute.  Probably a fluke, but it was a memorable game. It is a lot more fun that I anticipated.

Resistance 2 Lastly… say hello to my little alien infected fighting friend! It’s time again for survival of the mutants, Resistance 2. The nice thing about this game series is that it has capitilized on their server space and generated an incredible online experience.  While I found the story mode lacking the… captivation which the narrative unfolded during the first game, it was still something to play through. I had my gripes (REALLY despise one-hit-kills for a single player campaign and that it truly is a SINGLE player campaign without a co-op option) but overall, the game is good, but the multiplayer is the incredible masterpiece with a subpar frame design called “Single-Player Campaign”.  

Side Note: The link above to the MetaCritic – As difficult as it may be, you’ll have to take the user ranking with a huge grain of salt as it’s people who didn’t give the game more than 10 minutes of time before they loaded up Call of Duty or Halo 3 so they could go and get their tea bagging fix.

Co-Operative Online play is my favorite. You team up with 8 comrades, and you have random mission objectives which must be done.  Slight change to the norm, there’s usually about 6 objectives per map, and they continuously change what objectives you have to do during your mission.  A great concept that plays really well and helps kill the redundancy of reloading after a Titan gets the drop on your crew. The main thing with co-op is this… People fail to use logic.  To make a successful run at a co-op mission, you have to clear the room… (Yes, every last alien) THEN push the button that activates the teleporters. Not… “oooh! A button! *click*” Not only will that get you banned from any of my games, but public mockery shall be made! Sorry, enough of that.

Versus mode is just that. 30 vs 30 mayhem.  They’re fun games though, it’s similiar to the Resistance: Fall of Man online campaigns.  Things are more balanced and you go kill each other and have fun.  Not much else to report there. 

So that’s the gaming report. Incredible games to pick up if you haven’t already. Those would make great gifts for whomever is on your gamer list.