So… it was kind of an interesting day.  I’m working out at a new theater called Village Green and working on the production of She Loves Me as Mr. Maraczek. Unique show, it’s pretty much “You’ve Got Mail” only… musical… and 1940’s. 

Anyway.  So, that’s pretty much been the most of my time lately.  Working on several scripts to film this next coming year with my production company since the winter season is a grinding halt for production. Been playing games and figured I’d take a quick moment to review Fallout 3 since I am way behind on the review. Click on the jump to read about Fallout 3 and my opinions regarding this title.

*breathing sound* I am your father... *breathing sound*

*breathing sound* I am your father... *breathing sound*

Finally! A chance to sit down and review this title! Here it goes.

I’m new to the Fallout series, which actually saddens me as I’ve heard there are a great amount of references/throw backs to the previous titles which I’m missing out on.  That out of the way, my thinking going into this was, “Alright, here’s Oblivion with guns! At least there’s guns! Let’s do this!” This was a foolish train of thought which I regretted after my first encounter which a Mole-Rat successfully laughed at me and my naive Vault ways.  

The Combat system isn’t a FPS (First-Person Shooter).  Let me repeat this, to be perfectly clear… Combat IS NOT a first person shooter for this title!  The best use of the gunning system without the inclusion of the VATS system (a system which saves you ammo, increases your accuracy immensely, and does more damage when used) is to creep around and shoot any unsuspecting raiders you happen to get the drop on.  Otherwise, use and abuse the VATS system as much as you can.  This will save you frustrations early in the game. Once you become incredibly proficient in a weapon type, you can look at a more hands on FPS experience to have a little more fun with it, but VATS will still be your main course of survival and ammo reservation.  This system… is a blast.  It’s very rewarding to catch an enemy out of the corner of your eye ready to lob a grenade at you, and you use VATS to shoot the grenade in his hand, causing it to explode on him.  

Character customization is pretty impressive! It’s not to the level of quite what I had in mind, but then again, I wasn’t sure what to have in mind for this title. It was very new ground for me.  I liked the fact that there are options to change a hair style or even the look of your face at points in the game to keep it interesting for you.  The armor selection is vast and different considering what a demolished world it’s become in the game’s universe.  Just a note… running around in a Wanderer’s Outfit, while awesome for stat boosts, sucks for taking any form of damage.  Also found that out the hard way realizing that no matter how badly I wanted my character’s agility to match that of Spider-Man’s, it just won’t happen and I need that body armor. 

Questing/Storyline in the game is incredible. They did a fantastic job creating such a depressing world where everyone is literally scraping by to make a living.  As with any free-form RPG, you have the ability to choose whether you wish to be someone of a good nature, someone of an evil nature, or a middle of the road kind of person.  You come across someone who asks for a bottle of purified water, you can give it to them to save their life, you can leave them alone to scavenge on their own, or you can just pull your gun/knife/fists and kill him.  The possibilities are endless.  One thing that I really enjoyed was the fact that they did a great job of threading your decisions into a huge end game.  While there are 6 major endings, with the possibilities that you can do throughout the game, there are 100+ endings.  You get the main ending on which actions you’ve done, but if you chose to help grow a hidden Oasis, the world is lush and green and gorgeous, or you can destroy the Oasis which leads to the world continuing a rocky, unsuitable terrain for the finale.  It is just simply one of the most captivating stories I’ve played in a long time and it holds your creative edge to craft what will happen in this universe based on your actions.

Lastly, the endgame.  So you’ve just beaten the game? But you maybe killed a character before you could get their side of a story? You were too nice and decided to create a walking disaster? You decide not to let the town of survivors live, so you ransack and loot the whole place rather than be the town savior.  There are so many options and scenarios in the game that I’ve already been crafting about 3 to 5 character models I’d want to try the game over with again.  For the record, a hand-to-hand specialist, while a cool concept, isn’t the wisest without some points in pistols… I discovered that route as well.  

I can’t say enough positive things about this game.  The major negative thing they did, for me, was the exclusion of the PS3 for expansion material.  They’ve announced they will support further DLC (Downloadable Content) for additional gameplay on the XBox 360 & PC.  I had the PS3 version, which Bethesda Studios apparently aren’t a fan of as this is another title which they seem to short the PS3 users.  I was able to trade in my PS3 version to get one for the PC.  The advantage for PC users is the development of “G.E.C.K.” (Garden of Eden Creation Kit) This is the level editor kit which PC users can create their own levels, items, armor, and storyline for the Fallout 3 series.  There have been several users on the community boards that have expressed their concepts and a few well reputable designers that will be creating a phenomenal amount of content.  One user was saying he’s going to focus on creating Fallout 2 with the Fallout 3 engine.  Sounds like quite the task and I hope this level of support continues.

All in all, Great game, bugs are there to be ironed out, but that’s with any game these days.  I love this game, and it has plenty of potential to keep content coming out for years.  Get it on the PC if you have the system for it.  XB360 if you want DLC, and if you just have a PS3 it is a gorgeous game with several hours of material to keep you playing, recreating characters, and going back for seconds, thirds, and so on.

Final Verdict: Buy It!