So here we go with blogging on Day 2.  Today I wil cover my extreme gaming kick.  I love video games! Have ever since Commodore 64 playing Root Beer Tapper & the original NES. I didn’t get into Sega much, but I would have rather reflecting back, they had a less of a super kid friendly lineup that just sounded like it’d have been more fun.  Then again, I did get the Final Fantasy series, so I can’t complain too much. 🙂

Anyway, that out of the way, I’m a fan of the current gen systems, so I do have the PS3, 360, and Wii. The Wii is the LEAST liked of the series. It is just WAY campy for me. What would bring it back for me would be a new version of Earthbound.  The new Animal Crossing announced for it is a start, but Earthbound freaking rocked! They have announced the release of some classic video games via their store, but they’re fairly expensive.  I’d sooner play some wicked fun Playstation Network games such as Super Stardust!

(Listing more info such as game releases I’m excited for at the break)

My 360 has been sent in for repair for 5 times now, so I’m fairly tainted on the 360 and don’t really invest any more time on there considering, prep yourself 360 fans, I am not impressed with Halo. The original was awesome. Halo 2 & Halo 3 were lousy as far as I’m concerned. The community actually killed it for me, it took it away from this really fun co-op mode, which exists, to this “OMG U SUX, N00B!” annoyance level with every kid on the XBox Live network that scammed their hapless parent into getting them a subscription. Thanks for that lack of care parent. I hear that if you buy them potentially explosive material and have them build that in a basement, that will keep them entertained for months on end! Maybe you oughta look into that as well. </sarcasm>

Alright, a list of games I’m looking forward to, a link relavent for more information regarding that title, and quick summation of why I’m anticipating the game/service.

  • Playstation Home (PS3)- This is a great concept, and where they have it opened up, we can do things such as film premieres, screenings, and have our own Solar Shock area setup where we can market our films and get a bit more notice.
  • Resistance 2 (PS3)- Unbelievable multiplayer action.  At least until M.A.G. was announced, this was the most I’ve heard on a console for multiplayer mayhem. Game Informer reported the following which I’m looking forward to:

The co-operative campaign will support up to 8 players online with classes including a medic class, a heavy weapons class, and a special ops class. The online multiplayer aspect of the game will support up to 60 players online.

  • Fallout 3 (PS3, XB360)- Holy awesome RPG.  It is just one of the eldest of the RPG world and I’ve been waiting for a triumphant return, this looks like it could very well be what I was waiting for!  There is so much detail that goes into this series that I wouldn’t know where to begin. This one I will be getting for my PS3 as well.
  • M.A.G. (Massive Action Game – PS3)- Still FRESH out of the box from the last E3, but it looks great. No gameplay footage which is always a bit skeptical, but regardless, if the game pulls off as smooth as it can and the gameplay is interesting or at least fun, I think this will be a phenominal title to rank up there with Warhawk.  Loooove my Warhawk.
  • Little Big Planet (PS3)- I just can’t say enough about this game. Originally it sounded like a sandbox game where you can create ANY level you wished, and all the physics were in place so gravity worked, you could add any element to the level you wished, and you could also personalize it with any picture on your PS3.  To add to this, there is a single player mode with boss battles, perils, and adventures.  After reading into it more, you can CREATE these as well! Holy crap, my head aslpode.  Once you create your levels, you can share them online with anyone who wants to download it… that freakin rocks! Then hop online with 3 of your buddies and run around each others created worlds or anyone elses for that matter.  I’m so in.
  • Animal Crossing: City Folk (Wii)- My weaker moments of gaming… there’s something about this series that is just genuine that it attracts me. It’s just a good game, makes you work for what you want to get, and it’s just a fun time killer throughout the series!  Looking forward to see how they make it better, maybe add a bit more of an online emphasis with more to do with your friends. That’d be ideal.

Wow… so that’s quite the list, but it’s only a taste of it. I do have a couple of 360 titles coming out (mainly Role-playing games) but I’m probably needing to get back to work or something around here.  Feel free to drop a comment about any games you are looking forward to, voice your opinion about the upcoming games, so on so forth.  I do draw the line at any 360 fanboys coming in and spouting PS3 hate considering I own all the systems and I’ve had a better experience with my PS3, it’s a preference.

I’ll also make a page with all my gaming handles and what I’m currently playing.  Til’ then… take care!